Monday, 12 September 2011

The doctor's burst my bubbly bubble

I'm still in a bed of pain, however instead of supplying me with crutches, sympathy and a note for my PE teacher i have in fact been given a splint (which looks ridiculus) and keeps my left leg straight. Which on one hand does keep me off PE, but on the other makes obstacles like stairs sitting down, walking and standing up impossible! As well as making all my "friends" laugh at me. And in my depression i consumed two cans of diet coke and a big'ish chocolate bar, so now i'm temporarily disabled and chubby. 
          Never mind, my motto in life is squishy and proud

1 comment:

  1. Amber, you have to admit it's quite funny to see you hobbling around strangly. And if I was the one who had dislocated my knee and was put in one of those things you'd be laughing at me :P

    'Squishy and proud' says the person always saying I'm 'too fat'?