Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The official llama song and actions!

Today at nazi camp there was a breakthrough, the official llama song and actions was created!

Basically, this is a song that goes,

Happy llama, sad llama,
really really really bad llama,
super llama, drama llama,
big fat marma llama,
baby llama, crazy llama,
don't forget Obama llama,
fish, fish more fish,
turtle, unicorn, peacock!

I personally think that we should replace the four C's, a chant in our school commonly used in thursday assembly and lessons that goes like this,

Courtesy, Contribution, Consideration and cooperation
with the llama song, it would cheer up my day.

But finally i would like to say that i am very, deeply sorry to my old maths and english teachers for using their names in my earlier post, please don't exclude me.


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