Friday, 9 September 2011

Today in "food tec" i think my class learnt a valuable life skill, we made popcorn.

 It was all normal as we shuffled through the door (it doesn't open very far), put our aprons on, tied up our hair with our ties, (a trend i started) and washed our hands.We went up to receive a small plastic and yellow bowl of corn, and poured it in our saucepan.
And we stood by our saucepans because if we left their sides it would be on the pain of death, but watching popcorn pop is second only to watching paint dry.

I mean im not saying that we cook gourmet, its usually cupcakes or pizza swirls, but seriously, we pay two pounds a lesson for the ingredients and all i got was a splash of oil on some corn!.

But, the last straw came when a couple of lessons ago they made us put the raisins in our biscuits, and once they were cooked i picked out every one out and piled them up on the desk as a statement.

I hope the two people who might read this enjoy it
amber (in a depressed mood)

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