Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sqishy and proud

I think my love of eating comes from rebellion, my mum used to give us (me and my sister) full fat milk, biscuits and chocolate in our lunches. But i suppose that because of the unfortunate side-effect of looking like two space hoppers, all of this stopped, gone were the nice white bread sandwiches and animal biscuits.

In their place for many years were carrot sticks, semi-skimmed milk and shredded cardboard, but when i turned ten everything changed, i walked to school on my own and on the way was the highly prized newsagents christened, the sweetie shop by any passing kid.
First it was just the occasional chewy banana, but as freedom took hold everything i wanted, funded by my pocket money was within reach!
even as i was writing this for lunch i had a bagel but inside it is hard to distinguish between slices and slabs of cheese, a new freedom.
Chocolate is my guilty pleasure and i don't know how i would do without it, great slabs are available around the corner and i do take advantage of that fact.

-Amber :{) and yes that smiley face has a mostache

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