Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The zoo i call my home

In the past, a small and crazy part of me said, "Me need Hampster" and thats what opened the door to a floodgate of furry and feathery creatures who seemed to fill up my room without me quite realising it.

First of all was Hammy the hampster, creatively named by my six year old and mad self. Then there we're the gerbils, Sammy and Chedder, and the goldfish, fluffy and nemo. But a few months ago i started to get ambitiouse and invested my twelfth birthday present in two lovebirds(miniture parrots) who i named banana and kiwi and every morning decide to have long conversations with pigeons at about six thirty, and you have no idea what that is like.
But onto my final pet, a sweet little watersnail that i named Usain bolt who laid a few hundred eggs and than kicked the bucket. Leaving me to care for his poor orphaned children........ selfish little twat.


  1. Usain died?! When? Why you not tell me?

  2. I dident think you would be that interested, you're not a very emotional person.
    And if you want any of his poor orphaned children just say, there are plenty of the little buggers.

  3. I'll set a jar of water up to go moldy later ;)
    And Amber, what happend to your 'cynical rants?'

  4. Its only been three days, seriously